Brand Assets

BeyondTheStory is the brand name for Beyond The Story Limited. BeyondTheStory's marks include the BeyondTheStory name, logo, and colours. We want to protect our name and promote a distinctive identity so it’s important to ensure that our brand assets are used consistently and the guidelines followed. The logo consists of two elements: the device and the name. The relationship between these elements is fixed and should never be altered. However, only the disc may be used when using as an avatar, such as with social media where text is used to identify our name.

Download the Logo


Use the logo in a readable size. (No smaller than 30mm)


Rotate the logo.

Alter the proportion or colours.

Obstruct the logo. 

Add extraneous effects.


Maintain empty space equal at least half the height of the logo on all sides.


When referring to the brand in publications or any written form there are no spaces between words: BeyondTheStory.


Colour hierarchy is as follows visually:

R: 128 G: 211 B: 181


BeyondTheStory uses two Google fonts:

I am Pacifico and i am used to highlight information

I am Quicksand Light, I should be used with open
tracking and I am the main typeface for

Our daily typeface is Arial