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touch generation

Transforming narratives

into interactive storytelling on tablets

We believe in the magic of storytelling. Digital storytelling is creating new worlds for storytellers.

Whether for publishers, film or TV studios, we are giving storytellers a new means to connect with their readers and audiences, making full use of the technology under a reader's fingers.

  • Jen Porter February 13, 2014

    “Connecting storytellers and their audiences”

    I’m here at at AnimfxNZ 2014, in Wellington, New Zealand to engage with storytellers to share with you how our technology can enrich the storytelling experience.

  • Kirk Bowe January 15, 2014

    The ethos of JJR Tolkien's storytelling

    Storytelling, in person, is a conscious act by those gifted to do it, engaging others around them. It’s not a one-way train, but rather a relationship between the storyteller and the listener.

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Kiwi company creating 'new worlds' for storytellers.


CEO of BeyondTheStory Jen Porter told delegates at AnimfxNZ 2014 that her

company is creating 'new worlds' for storytellers.

  • “BeyondTheStory® is to be congratulated for its outstanding portrayal of this classic.”

    Stephen fry on the wind in the willows

    Actor, comedian, author, journalist, broadcaster, film director

  • “one of the most impressive book-apps of the year might just be Anne Frank”

    Stuart Dredge on the Diary of Anne Frank

    Journalist, The Guardian

  • “To see the characters, creatures and landscapes of the universe come alive is truly an exciting innovation”

    Gaetano Mastropasqua on After Earth: Kita's Journal

    Head of Franchise Development, Overbrook Entertainment

Creating 'new worlds' for storytellers

Media-rich and interactive apps & eBooks

Our unique digital publishing platform

a web-based platform that draws on years of commercial experience

Evolving from print to pixels

Since 2010 we've been researching and developing our own creative and technical approaches to the many challenges of digital storytelling, forging partnerships with traditional publishers along the way. Now, we’re lifting the lid on ‘publisher+’, the result of these years of intense exploration, marrying traditional narratives with richly interactive experiences.

Publisher+ is a full transmedia publishing solution for media businesses.

How it works

Publisher+ provides users with the tools to transform a manuscript (whether a book, poem, film screenplay, television series, corporate or educational manual), from the narrative to a fully immersive user experience using the platform's proprietary advanced production tools.

Publisher+ is
a game changer

We'll help you tell stories differently.
Contextual layering beginning with the
narrative, and then enhanced with all
sorts of special effects, media enriched
with photos, animations.


Merge physical sensation with the virtual
world of the story through the use of
the tablet's internal gyroscopes. Bring
the reader right into the heart of your
story's locations as events take place.

the story

Words are only the beginning. Augment
your storytelling with three dimensional
objects that literally lift off the page,
curated background content, context-
sensitive maps, as well as images, videos,
and sounds.

Interact with
creatures and objects

Your story now rests beneath your reader's
fingertips. Make your people, places,
creatures, and environments come to life,
driving today's readers deeper into the story.

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